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The benefits of massage are vast from emotional benefits including helping to reduce anxiety and providing a feeling of well being. Mental benefits including helping to improve concentration and productivity and promoting a better quality of sleep. Physical benefits loosening tight muscles , easing chronic pain, improving posture skin and muscle tone , speeding recovery time from injury and helping to reduce tension headaches and those are only a few on the long list!!

Not only will massage leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed it is great for your body and over all wellbeing benefitting most of our body's systems. Massage not only relieves tension and fatigue, it will improve skin texture making it softer and firmer all the while encouraging waste product removal from tissues and increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin and muscles. I will tailor the massage to your needs, whether that’s a relaxing massage or a more firmer massage paying attention to those built up tension areas and knots. 

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