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Body Treatments

About Inch Loss Body Counter Wrap:

Saving of £50 with your free treatment ** For £10 add on an express body scrub to the treatment instead of the body brush for maximum results

Guaranteed inch loss, this is a great treatment for those wanting to kick start a diet. The wrap will detoxify the body by pressing fat to remove all those nasty toxins and excess waste from skin and muscle cells. Helps to reduce cellulite and tighten stretch marks making them less noticeable. Improves and firms skin after pregnancy and weight loss. Provides a 'quick fix' inch loss for special occasions. The wrap works by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation which detoxifies the body by removing excess fluid and waste. The heat retaining properties of the bandages open up pores allowing the active ingredients of the product to penetrate the skin.

If you are looking for more than just a quick fix, the inch loss wraps are recommended in courses - this really helps when dieting and trying to shed those excess pounds and keeping the inches off. When booked as a course of 6, you can pick an express treatment of your choice for free on each visit and it also includes an express body scrub free of charge.

The treatment will start with an all over body measure so we can see how many inches the treatment will take off, followed by an all over body brush, the contour cream will then be massaged into the skin with a specific cellulite contour cream added to your problem areas which helps stimulate circulation and improves skin condition. You are then wrapped for 45 minutes where you can relax, unwind, listen to some music while snuggled up and enjoy our free mini treatment. You are then unwrapped, massaged all over and re measured to see the results!!
You will leave feeling invigorated and refreshed.

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