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As a member of the AOR who deliver excellence in reflexology, Kelly is trained to a high standard, holding a level 5 certificate which is the highest accredited reflexology qualification

We do not claim to cure , diagnose or prescribe in treatments .

Initial Reflexology Appointment 

First appointment will consist of a detailed consultation, looking at the body as a whole which will include medical history , current medications and ailments. We will take a look at diet, stress levels and sleep and taking an overall look at the feet and what they are presenting. A full duopody treatment will be carried out, touching on all the body systems including skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine and exocrine, reproductive areas, respiratory , senses, immune system, lymphatic , circulatory, urinary and integumentary system, a full body MOT! This will give a good guide into tailoring the best personal treatment for you going forward so those systems that need more balance can be focused on and can start to include specific treatments like lymphatic drainage RLD, NEPIP stress focused reflexology, Fertility focused or menopause hormone balancing Reflexology if needed. Each treatment is bespoke and individual. 

1Hour 30 mins (1 hour hands on treatment time)

Follow up Reflexology Appointment

After your initial consultation and noting your reflexology responses a personalised treatment plan will be created focusing on the areas you need most attention, with a toolbox of techniques including lymphatic drainage, menopause hormone balancing and stress focused reflexology ( PLEASE READ MORE INFO BELOW) you will be in good hands.

1Hour (50 mins hands on treatment time)

Course of 6 Reflexology Treatments

There is no doubt you will feel the full benefit of reflexology with regular treatments, booking in a block of 6 gives you a saving of  £20 (usually priced at £270) . Clients who have had blocks of reflexology treatments have reported positive changes to their menstrual cycle becoming more regular helping in conception, cycles becoming less painful , improvements in sleep patterns and overall sense of calm. Please note you will need to have had an initial consultation before being able to book a block of 6

Lymphatic drainage  RLD
Reflexology for Menopause
Stress NEPIP Reflexology
Fertility Reflexology
Children's Reflexology
Palliative Care Reflexology

Block of 6 Follow up sessions

Working both feet simultaneously
Using 100% natural products

What is Duopody Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment that is based on a theory that we have reflexes on our feet and hands that are connected to the organs and systems in our body. Those reflexes are worked and massaged to relieve tension and bring balance to the body. Sometimes areas will be tender, puffy , hard or feel gritty , when working over these areas some clients report ailments are easier to manage in their day to day lives. Unlike the Ingham method where one foot is worked at a time ( still very effective) , Duopody is a technique where both feet are worked at the same time, working the whole body and flowing through the systems as they present in the body. For example rather than doing half the digestive system and then the other half we work every system from start to finish before moving on to the next system starting with the accessory organs (salivary glands, gall bladder, liver etc) then working from the mouth into the stomach and following the path of the small intestines, colon finishing at the rectum. Duopody reflexology is an extremely deeply relaxing treatment , when the body is relaxed it allows stress hormone levels to balance and for the body to heal.  

The principle theory behind reflexology is that all the systems and organs of the body are mapped or reflected in smaller peripheral areas, for example, the feet, hands, ears and face.

What can I expect from a Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a non invasive treatment, only needing to remove socks and shoes,  after a full medical consultation the treatment will be tailored to you individually. The feet will then be cleansed and a soothing balm applied.

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