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​Welcome to Redberry Retreat

Local, Bespoke Treatments
* Massage Therapy
*Duopody Reflexology
* Holistic Facials
* Professional Waxing 
* Natural Manicure/Pedicure
* Lash Services

Reflexology- R.G

"As well as being a great help in terms of me being able to relax I also noticed other changes in myself over the course of treatments I had. Kelly was able to pin point niggles I had in my knees and also picked up tenderness in my reproductive system. After several sessions I began to notice a change in my periods. It was like my body had been given the opportunity to clear out old blood and just be generating fresh blood each month as they become redder in colour. Shortly after my last treatment I then found out I was expecting. Having been trying for over 2 and a half years and having several miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy I am now 28 weeks. Having not made any other lifestyle changes I honestly feel like the reflexology contributed to my ability to conceive and successfully carry a baby.’'

Reflexology - Lauren. E

‘ I absolutely love my reflexology sessions! The sessions have been amazing and helping me relax during high stress times in my life. I always come away from the sessions feeling better balanced, calm and ready to face any challenges! One session I was overcome with an overwhelming wave of emotion which was amazing and blew my mind’ 

Reflexology - MM

“ The first few times I had reflexology I was very chatty and having a conversation with Kelly while she was doing the treatment and I didn’t really notice what she was doing. A few treatments in I was more relaxed and not so chatty so I could feel lots of things going on when she touched certain places on my feet. During the week after I’d had the reflexology I noticed that pains in my left knee were not as strong and I used to wear a support but didn’t have to wear it anymore. I also noticed my asthma is not as bad as it was now and I am sleeping a lot better, I could really see a difference in my health after Kelly’s treatment.’’
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